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Justin's Cattle Kate

Just.... Imagine Your Dogs, quietly laying at your feet when there is a knock at the door. Your dogs rush to the door ahead of you barking furiously. You get to the door and firmly ask your dogs to get back and wait while you open the door for your guest and.....they do as they are asked. Wow!!!!...Impressive. No knocking your guest over, no barking, or running out the door the moment you open it. Or....Imagine Your Dogs executing amazing tricks that impress your family and friends not to mention the incredible bond that has formed between you and your dog. Everyone notices.
 Or.....Imagine Your Dogs competing in Rally-O and you swear your dog can read the signs. Anything and everything is possible with training. Our Mission at Imagine Your Dogs is to teach you how to bridge the gap of interspecies communication and to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog through positive reinforcement.
             Imagine Your Dogs  

Photo by: Brent Strong